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Winner German Sustainability Award 2023


At this year's German Sustainability Award, impressive companies with great sustainability performances were nominated...

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Face of the Future 2023 in GREEN & IMPACT!


For a long time, money was the yardstick used to measure the success of a company. As is well known, this was at the expense of other values and caused serious damage to the environment...

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System slide - Paris 1.5° climate curve


That's where it stands... the slide. Loved as a child. A mixture of effort and excitement, a brief moment with wind in the hair. This test of courage, as we as a child for the first...

Sustainability Report: Wegebner to the Goal


There is a misconception that companies with a sustainability report are sustainable. The associated belief is "we are sustainable as a company....

Benchmarking Report

Getting started Sustainability - a shortcut for SMEs


Thousands of mid-sized companies with 250 or more employees will be new to the topic of sustainability as a result of the CSRD reporting requirement. Many of these new entrants are starting from scratch: It...

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score4more @ DNP15


We are very happy to be part of the 15th German Sustainability Award as score4more: with our own booth, in the congress program and with the score4more team!

CSRD, EFRAG & ESRS - Frequently Asked Questions Vol. 1


CSRD, EFRAG and ESRS will be crucial for corporate reporting in the EU: Sustainability reporting will...

CSRD, EFRAG & ESRS - Frequently Asked Questions Vol. 2


CSRD, EFRAGand ESRS will fundamentally change corporate reporting in the EU:Sustainability reporting will...

Discussion of industry-specific sustainability topics


CSRD and ESRS will require many new companies to report on sustainability. We present reporting topics and explain how companies comply...

Materiality - Comply with CSRD and become sustainable


Materiality is all about prioritization! Regulators and investors want companies to report on their core...

Sustainable employee benefits - this is how it works!


Sustainable Employee Benefits (SEBs) are both: an important lever in transformation AND a compelling argument for potential employees.

EU taxonomy and #CSRD/#ESRS.


CSRD/ESRS offers synergies on the principle of "buy one, get one free", as it integrates the criteria of the EU taxonomy into the reporting standard.

Net zero with SBTi and climate protection


The climate crisis is the mother of all crises. The future of human civilization and ecosystems depends on limiting planetary warming to 1.5° Celsius.

Sustainability controlling to improve performance.


Learn how to create transparency with your CSRD reporting indicators and manage metrics to improve your sustainability performance.