The Paris 1.5° climate curve is our system slide

Dec 21, 2022

That's where it stands... the slide. Loved as a child. A mixture of effort and excitement, a brief moment with wind in our hair. That test of courage as we climb the slide for the first time as a child, proud of the height, looking down in awe and then daring... to slide.

Now we stand before a slide again. This slide will determine whether we can survive as humanity on a heating planet.

Before this was about transformation. Transformation is hard, complex, slow, laborious. Transformation is needed for a large, almost rusty machine colossus that has to be detached, rebuilt, dismantled and rebuilt with inconceivable force. Today it is no longer about transformation, because we need speed. We need a miracle, a kind of wormhole, a beaming, i.e. an accelerated process from state A to B.
And this process is like a slide - a system slide

The Paris 1.5° climate curve is our system slide.
It shows us the slope and speed. We need to emit almost 8% less greenhouse gases each year to hit the 1.5° curve. That's the slope of the slide. But just knowing the slope doesn't make a good slide. What would our system slide have to be able to do? Maybe 7 things:

1️⃣ Safe start: we sit firmly on the height and look down the slope in awe, it is all analyzed, understood and modeled.

2️⃣ Clear goal: We know where the slide has to end up: in a climate-neutral system.

3️⃣ Sufficient speed: It needs enough acceleration from the incline and smooth material to get from A to B at speed. Then everyone feels that something is moving.

4️⃣ Easy to use: Everyone must be able to take the slide. It must be simple, without instructions, child's play.

5️⃣ Joy over fear: The joy of acceleration and of a better tomorrow is so much greater than the fear of loss or danger.

6️⃣ Curves: The path to the destination can have curves; but not too many, so that we don't lose speed or even fly out of the curve.

7️⃣ Safety: No one should get hurt or left behind while sliding. Everyone enjoys sliding into the new system and arrives safely together.

What if we took the system slide (instead of hoping for transformation)? Can you imagine the slide? What does it look like? We are already at the top. With wind in our hair. And 2023 lies ahead of us.

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