Frequently asked questions about score4more and participation in the German Sustainability Award

What is the sustainability profile?

The sustainability profile presents industry-specific measures, solutions and key figures for the company in a structured manner. It simply summarizes the contents of the sustainability report or the published sustainability performance of the company.

How long will it take me to fill out my profile?

Your profile can be based on an existing sustainability report. If this report meets the DNK or ESRS criteria, then you already have most of the requested information on your desk and filling out the profile will take less than 15 minutes

Why is the sustainability profile industry-specific?

Key sustainability issues vary from industry to industry. In the social sector, social sustainability issues are essential; in energy-intensive industries, it is climate and energy issues. These industry specifics are mapped via the profile.

Which industry should we choose for our sustainability profile?

You select the industry in which your company is predominantly active, i.e. generates the majority of sales or value added.

We operate in multiple industries, can we create multiple profiles in different industries?

If your company has different divisions or sub-companies that operate in different industries, a division can also create its own profile in another industry. The prerequisite is that there is a definable sub-subsidiary and the sustainability performance of the sub-subsidiary is published independently, e.g. via the sub-subsidiary's own sustainability report. The profile for the subcompany is created by a separate user and with a different company name.

I am unsure about my industry. How do I safely choose the right industry for my business?

Selecting the industry of your company in the signup process displays example sustainability areas that are common for that industry. Try selecting various industries to evaluate which suits your business best. In addition, it is also possible to display all industries at a glance.

I accidentally created my profile based on an inapplicable industry. Can I still change the industry?

To switch to another industry with your business, please contact us through score4more's support options.

Why is the sustainability profile based on published sustainability performance?

With the EU regulation on more extensive reporting requirements (CSRD), the quality and significance of data from sustainability reports will continue to increase. score4more aims to make the database from sustainability accessible and actionable. The profile information is validated internally as well as by external industry professionals.

We don't have a sustainability report, can we still create a profile?

Many companies and especially small, sustainability-oriented SMEs do not yet have a sustainability report or a declaration on the German Sustainability Code. Companies without a report can nevertheless create a profile and alternatively provide the best possible published source via URL link where the information provided in the profile can be found. This can be, for example, sustainability descriptions on the company's website.

What is meant by reporting source and reporting year?

Do you already have a sustainability report or integrated report? Then this is your reporting source. Enter the URL link to their most recent report here, as well as the year to which the information in the report refers. DNK users enter the link to the most recent statement in the DNK database. If you do not yet have a report, enter an alternative URL link to published sustainability information, such as more detailed descriptions on your website. In this case, select 2022 as the reference year as the last available completed calendar year.

What is the year of incorporation needed for?

The year of foundation is important information, especially for the German Sustainability Award, since there is a separate competition for startups, e.g. the Next Economy Award, to which companies can be invited. It is additionally relevant in order to be able to analyze transformation speed by company age across all companies.

Our sustainability profile is based on an older source, but more recent emissions are queried. How do I deal with this?

For better comparability, the greenhouse gas emissions of the previous three years are queried at the beginning of each calendar year. For the year 2023, this means the years 2022, 2021 and 2020. If you have not yet measured certain years and/or scopes, you can indicate this by clicking the 🛇 symbol in edit mode. If you already have more recent figures that you can base on publicly available sources, please feel free to indicate this in the tab "German Sustainability Award" under additional information.

Can we also profile unpublished projects and measures?

Please name only published services. This creates the same data basis and conditions for all companies. Your score4more profile is currently public, ensure no confidential information is published to your profile.

Who sees our sustainability profile?

The sustainability profile is only visible to you and the score4more team, which analyzes the described performance. In the course of the cooperation with the German Sustainability Award, the information in the profile is made available to the DNP to determine nominees and award winners. In the future it will be possible to control the visibility of your profile. To make it avaialble to to the public, your business partners only, or hide it completely.

How do we get a score for our sustainability profile?

In the first step, score4more offers the creation of a sustainability profile. The analysis team at score4more provides scoring as an analysis service for the German Sustainability Award. In the future, it will also be possible for companies to receive a scoring based on the sustainability services provided via the platform.

I work in a consultancy or an agency and would like to create a profile on behalf of a corporate client, is this possible?

Yes, with their permission, you can create a company profile on behalf of a company. Add the contact details to the company in the profile.

How can I delete my score4more profile?

If you wish to delete your score4more account, send an informal email to support@score4more.eu stating the company name and the email address with which the account was created. We will verify your request and confirm the deletion after it has taken place.

What is the goal of the cooperation between score4more and the German Sustainability Award (DNP)?

The common goal of sore4more and the DNP is to bring sustainability and transformation to the breadth of business. This requires a scalable data platform and scoring methodology to analyze a large number of companies. Here, the DNP uses score4more's platform, which can not only technically map a large number of companies, but methodically shares the DNP's focus on trailblazers and transformational examples.

We would like to participate in the German Sustainability Award, what do we have to do?

You create a sustainability profile for your company in your industry via score4more. You can change this as often as you like until the competition deadline in 2024 for the German Sustainability Award. The status of the profile will then be analyzed by score4more using the score4more scoring methodology and a preliminary assessment for the DNP will be carried out. It is not necessary to actively submit the profile. Each profile takes part in the competition free of charge.

We still can't manage to create a profile by the DNP contest deadline this year, what can we do?

The advantage of the score4more platform is that you can create a profile at any time and the profile can always be considered for the DNP competition. I.e. if you create a profile after the deadline, it can be used directly for next year's DNP.

Is score4more free of charge for DNP participants?

Yes, DNP participants only need registration and your sustainability profile on score4more to participate in the DNP. Profile creation and application to the DNP will always remain free of charge and without additional obligations. Additional paid features will be availabe in the future on an opt-in basis.

What can I do as a DNP participant if the industry-specific sustainability profile does not reflect all the topics we have implemented as a company?

The profile focuses on a few key issues for your company's chosen industry and is based on the EU reporting standard ESRS. This makes industry-specific issues more comparable across different companies. If your company has sustainability services that are not requested in the profile, we provide additional fields and document upload options available under the tab "German Sustainability Award".

Can I provide information beyond the profile for the jury of the German Sustainability Award?

Yes, you can specify additional sustainability achievements here that you consider relevant for the DNP jury. This can be on the one hand a text of maximum 2,000 characters, on the other hand a document (PDF, JPEG or PNG) with a maximum size of 20MB. For the uploaded file, the first 10 pages will be considered by the jury.

What kind of contract is concluded with score4more?

For registration and creation of a sustainability profile you use the platform and services of score4more. As with other online platforms, the legal basis is governed by score4more's GTC and privacy policy, e.g. the technical availabilities of the services or due diligence and data protection issues.

I have problems with the registration. What can I do?

Problems with the login can have several causes:
It is only possible to be assigned to a single company profile. Use a different e-mail address to create another company profile if needed. It is also only possible to create one profile for a company. The error message "Company already exists" indicates that another employee of your company has already created a profile for your company.
If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new password in the login area under "Forgot password".

I have problems with saving entered information or uploading files. What can I do?

Please use one of the following browsers: Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari. If problems persist, ensure you are running the latest version of the browser.

I am unsure about the sustainability profile, what can I do?

Use our score4more Customer Support Chat. Our sustainability experts and development team will support you directly.

You still have questions?

Just use our support chat or our contact form.
Our support team is here for you.