Introduction to sustainability scoring:
The game changer in the classification of sustainability performance

Oct 12, 2023
The struggle for data

While most companies have recognized the need to step up their efforts to become more sustainable, many struggle to quickly access applicable and relevant data. This makes it difficult to make informed business decisions, change a company's supply chain or understand how one corporate sustainability performance compares to another. Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular rarely have the support they need to interpret and apply data correctly (even when it is available).

We often hear that it is frustrating when companies want to improve and provide additional solutions for others but are unable to do so due to a lack of data and/or collaboration. Regardless of where the company is on this journey, this hinders the transformation of entire industries.

This is unnecessary. There are pioneers and universal solutions. Let's make them visible! In short: this is the challenge that companies can tackle together on score4more!

Introduction of sustainability scoring

With the help of sustainability scoring, it is now possible to rate your company's sustainability performance directly via the score4more platform!

The sustainability scoring function is designed to enable companies of all sizes to assess, improve and market their own status in the transformation towards more sustainability in specific criteria. By providing transparent scoring assessments based on company profiles, companies can also compare relevant actions and solutions from 2000+ companies across 100 industries.

How scoring works

Sustainability scoring uses a sophisticated, AI-based approach that analyzes all of the 50,000 sustainability actions and solutions currently available and classifies the measures, solutions and KPI values presented in the company profile. This involves a fundamental, strategic classification in the transformation process. Is a company still inactive in a specific criterion or has it already been active for several years with a breadth and depth of actions? The scoring levels are intended to represent these fundamental differences in position metrically and thus communicate them easily. Analyzed actions can contribute to reducing CO2 emissions, promoting diversity and inclusion or implementing waste reduction programs. As the material topics can vary from sector to sector, the assessment is highly relevant for companies within a sector.

The score4more scoring approach
Main advantages of scoring

1. Transparency and accountability
Scoring promotes transparency by providing a clear overview of a company's transformation status. It helps companies to understand what they can be proud of, where they are already pioneers and in which areas they can learn from others to improve.

2. Benchmarking and knowledge transfer
Companies can use the scoring system to benchmark with peers. This helps them to understand where they stand in the transformation compared to the market, in which areas there is potential for improvement compared to peers and which industry best practices they can still use. These best practices are provided per criterion, so you know exactly what you can do next. score4more selects the right one from 50,000 measures and solutions on the platform!

3. Increased stakeholder engagement
A higher sustainability score signals a company's commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices. This can attract environmentally and socially conscious consumers, customers, employees and investors and strengthen stakeholder engagement with the company. Scoring sets the stage for recognition among sustainability-oriented stakeholders and communities and further motivates corporate teams to reach the next level of transformation towards sustainability.

Start today!

It doesn't matter where you start on your transformation journey. With scoring, companies can start directly and systematically improve sustainability in their business step by step and thus also positively influence other companies in their environment! With the score4more Pro package you can use the scoring directly in your sustainability profile. Scoring is not just a tool: it is the key to driving transformation in a targeted manner and thus creating a more sustainable future.

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