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Company profile

The company profile creates transparency about your company's sustainability performance for communication with stakeholders. [Basic Feature]

It includes

  • Key data from your sustainability report
  • structures your data according to industry-specific criteria based on the ESRS reporting standard
  • the opportunity to take part in the German Sustainability Award for Companies.
The sustainability profile is the basis for scoring.

Solution profiles

The solution profiles present your company's most effective solutions for sustainability in a simple and structured way. [Basic Feature]

It includes

  • an easy way to present your solutions - products, services or systems - in a simple and structured way
  • Various attachment options for additional information about your solution, such as photos, videos or impact assessments
  • the opportunity to take part in the German Sustainability Award for Products.
The solution profile is an integrated function in your company profile.


Use the scoring to become a sustainability pioneer. [Pro Feature]

The 6-stage scoring shows you,
  • what stage of transformation you are at
  • Individual scores for each criterion and an overall score
  • in which areas there is potential for improvement.
The scoring can be used directly in your company profile.
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Learn from the measures, solutions and best practices of your peers for your own transformation with score4more benchmarking. [Pro Feature]

The benchmarking provides you with
  • an insight into the evaluation of
    sustainability pioneers in your industry
  • a scoring comparison at criteria level
  • Best practices per criterion from industry leaders.
Benchmarking provides orientation as to where you stand in the market.


Achieve more together with the team function. [Pro Feature]

With the team function, you can
  • Involve your specialist departments and external service providers in the profiling process
  • Merge data from your subsidiaries
  • Integrate suppliers to enter data from the value chain.
Collaboration makes it easy to keep your profile up to date.
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Industry Transformation Data

Use transformation data tailored to your industry: industry specific measures, solutions and key figures from your company and industry peers.

This information helps you to compare yourself with pioneers in your industry and find relevant best practices.

Industry-specific company data in 100 industries

>50,000 actions and solutions from >2,000 companies

>40 gigatons
Greenhouse gas emissions from companies in Scope 1, 2, 3

ESRS transformation framework

ESRS readiness at your fingertips: score4more uses the latest EU regulations such as CSRD/ESRS and the EU taxonomy for data structuring in the score4more transformation framework.

ESRS readiness helps you to easily adapt to new EU reporting standards and structures.

5 transformation fields
5 major transformation fields as a basis

10 topics
10 ESRS and EU taxonomy topics

70 criteria
70 criteria for measures, solutions and key figures

We rely on leading ESG and sustainability standards


Blogs and FAQs

Find answers to your most important questions and an insight into the latest trends and topics.


In our knowledge database, you can quickly access helpful resources such as FAQs, blog articles and instructions. This allows you to build up valuable knowledge for the transformation.

In our blogs
Learn more about sustainability and score4more solutions.

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Frequently asked questions
about score4more and participation in the German Sustainability Award.

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German Sustainability Award (DNP)

Qualify for the German Sustainability Award

Become recognized as a sustainability leader in your industry.

score4more is the data platform for the German Sustainability Award
score4more has been the data platform for the German Sustainability Award (DNP) company competitions since 2023. The common goal of the DNP and score4more is to make transformation visible across the economy in 100 sectors and thus accelerate it. As a company, you can simply apply for the company and/or product award with your current company profile and/or solution profiles on score4more. score4more then makes the profiles available for the DNP judging processes. The profile will also be retained for the coming years. You can simply update the data and reapply in subsequent years in just a few steps.
Learn more about the German Sustainability Award

Together we are building the largest transformation platform.

Share your measures and solutions on and learn from the best practices of others.


Improve your sustainability with score4more Pro

Start with Basic, create your company profile and solution profiles free of charge and apply for the GSA.
Improve with Pro, see where your company stands and where you have potential for improvement in the profile.


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Create your profiles and apply for the German Sustainability Award.
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Get started with:
  • Company profile
    Structure your sustainability simply according to key topics for your industry.
    Solution profiles
    Present your most effective solutions for sustainability in a simple and structured way.
  • German Sustainability Award
    Apply for the GSA for companies and/or products (optional).
    Single user
    Manage your profile independently.


from 2.490 €
Collaborate with partners, customers and suppliers together for the transformation.
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Cooperate with:
  • ESRS readiness and performance analysis with the score4more Long Profile.
    Collaboration and advanced analytics from several companies.
  • Customer Sustainability Intelligence for the sale of sustainable solutions.
  • Sustainability Spend Cube for supplier transformation.
    Scope 3 collaboration with suppliers and customers.
    Sustainable finance data and analytics for banks.
About us

We are working together to create a future-proof and sustainable world

At the heart of our mission is the belief that business has a critical role to play in solving environmental, social and economic challenges. Businesses are not only responsible for more than 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions, but also for innovating and delivering new sustainable solutions for change.
We want to create a world in which every company transforms itself to contribute to global sustainability and achieve a harmonious balance between economic success, positive social impact and the regeneration of the planet.

Scoring and benchmarking are very effective in creating a cross-departmental understanding within the company of where we stand in the transformation and what needs to be done next.

Sylke Freudenthal

Sustainability Manager VEOLIA

A company profile structured according to ESRS helps us work together as a team to organize data more efficiently and find measures and solutions for the next stage.

Astrid Burschel

Sustainability Manager WAGO

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score4more makes companies sustainable - for a sustainable planet.
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I enjoy working at score4more because we are working on a meaningful, sustainable transformation. Flat hierarchies, a great team and the opportunity for personal development make working together efficient and enjoyable.

Nicola Reichenau

Sustainability analyst

Who wouldn't want to work in a team that is so committed and talented? The trust, empowerment and flexibility we receive at score4more are unbeatable.

Vanessa Mursinsky

Product Owner

The vision of score4more motivates me because large and small companies alike can access important analyses for the first time in order to manage the transformation efficiently. Our team gives each other confidence to drive forward and implement topics independently.

Niclas Schwarz

Partner and Project Lead

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The development of the score4more platform is supported by partnerships such as the European Union and the state of Brandenburg.