Awarded as Face of the Future 2023 in the GREEN & IMPACT sector!

Dec 9, 2022

We are happy to see Vanessa Mursinsky from our team among the Faces of the Future 2023 in Business Punk. Congratulations Vanessa and to the other Face of the Future Ilma Bojadzic, Benedikt Bösel, Christiana Bukalo, David Diallo, Tina Dreimann, Ruth von Heusinger, Guya Merkle, Michelle Reed, Alma Spribille!

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For a long time, money was the yardstick used to measure the success of a company. As we all know, this has been at the expense of other values and has done serious damage to the environment. The big question now is: How do you measure green better? Sustainability reports and marketing platitudes are mushrooming. ESG reports are a start. But they are just not as comparable as a sum x with a sum y. To change that, score4mer steps up. The company collects reports and data that can be used to measure the idealistic concept of sustainability. The result is evaluated on the basis of a level, virtually a clear school grade. And makes it clear whether it is bullshit or organic.

"Regulations lay the foundation for companies to take their sustainability report with the same seriousness as their financial report," says Vanessa Mursinsky, Product Owner in the core team with Markus Jura and Matthias Kannegiesser. On top of this foundation stone, she builds a clear platform with company ratings. This is how we make true sustainability visible, easy to understand and compare." And once there is a ranking, there is also an incentive to become better. Clarity instead of exaggeration, in other words. Clarity instead of creative writing of page-long reports.

But the work is not done with the tool alone. "The biggest challenge will be in changing the mindset of companies," says the 30-year-old. "Away from sustainability reporting as a necessary evil and purely an end in itself, and toward living sustainability." In this way, companies, especially those from the SME sector, are to become "true boosters of transformation."

How to make money with good score4more has a simple and clear pricing model. Depending on how much information companies need, they pay between 580 and 15,900 euros. In return, they receive not only an overview of the industry, but also an individual report card and a seal called the "ESG Passport."

However, as is well known, sustainability is not just a question of ecology. A company must also ensure internally that it does not use its employees as raw materials, but rather allows them to keep watch. score4more has therefore adopted a culture of experimentation and psychological security. In other words, the best growth conditions for team and idea. Mursinsky will focus primarily on improving processes.

To this end, the team will continue to grow. The position of CCO has just been advertised. All with the firm goal of "bringing transparency to the sustainability jungle," as Mursinsky says. The jungle is so overgrown with confusing phrases that it looks rather gloomy in one place or another. Just the right moment to make room for the little trees of the future.

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