Share the sustainable employee benefits of score4more!

Sep 29, 2022

Sustainable employee benefits are both a key transformation lever and an important factor for Generation Z in deciding where they want to work.But what are Sustainable Employee Benefits and how can companies implement them?

We share our own experience at score4more. As a sustainability startup, it's a must that employee benefits are also sustainable, and we believe that a solid combination of benefits supports both internal and external impacts. Here are the five pillars we looked at:.

🚲 Sustainable employee mobility
There is a clear trend away from company cars towards flexible zero-emission mobility options, such as a company bike or a job ticket.

📋 Sustainable retirement plans
Retirement plans are invested in sustainable financial products, and while funds are more expensive than ETFs, they can also ensure that true sustainability criteria are met.

🥗 Sustainable food and beverages
Choose a startup office or hub with sustainable food (organic and vegan) and provide free beverages based on tap water or reusable bottles.

💚 Health and sports
Partnering with a sports provider and access to sports and health services can be co-funded by the employer.

⚖️ Family, work life
Whether it's home office and telecommuting, child or elder care support, social sustainability is based on support for work-life balance.

At Score4more, we have found that an advantage card is a universal tool that helps employees flexibly choose sustainable options that meet their individual needs, in our case we work with GuudCard. The advantage card is charged tax-free by the employer and can then be used by the employee to book public transportation, rent bicycles or pay sports club dues.

Sustainability controlling to improve performance.


Learn how to create transparency with your CSRD reporting indicators and manage metrics to improve your sustainability performance.

EU taxonomy and #CSRD/#ESRS.


CSRD/ESRS offers synergies on the principle of "buy one, get one free", as it integrates the criteria of the EU taxonomy into the reporting standard.

Net zero with SBTi and climate protection


The climate crisis is the mother of all crises. The future of human civilization and ecosystems depends on limiting planetary warming to 1.5° Celsius.