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Scoring: Find your sustainability potential

The Scoring will classify your sustainability performance based on your TSC declaration of conformance. With our 6-step scoring system, we will comprehensively assess you in all 20 TSC criteria. You will receive individual feedback on your strengths and improvement potential in order to reach the next level of sustainability performance.

Scoring Environment score4more resources emissions natural resources assessment
Your benefits from the scoring include:
  • Receive systematic feedback on your TSC declaration
  • Gain confidence in where you stand in terms of sustainability
  • Identify ESG risks for the company management and the supervisory board
  • Learn where you can improve performance and your TSC declaration
  • Use the scoring to set goals and manage sustainability performance

You do not have a TSC declaration of conformance?
We also evaluate your sustainability report!

We also evaluate your individual sustainability report using our score4more methodology. In this way, you also benefit from individual feedback, an assessment of your strengths and possible potentials, and can compare yourself with other reporting companies in your industry.

Benchmarking: Learn from companies in your industry

The Benchmarking will provide you with insights into the sustainability of five front-runners in your industry, based on the TSC and our 6-stage scoring system. You will recognize the differences in performance between the companies and learn about the best practices of the highest scoring companies.

Your benefits from the benchmarking report include:

  • Receive an ESG market analysis for your industry
  • Learn best practices from frontrunners
  • Compare your scoring report with the industry report
  • Discover positioning opportunities in the market
  • Identify gaps and new measures
Infografik Industry Benchmark Exapmle

ESG Passport: Convince your customers and stakeholders

The ESG Passport is a sustainability proof for all three ESG dimensions: environment, social and governance. Frontrunner companies with an externally audited TSC declaration and a good scoring result can receive the ESG Passport as a universal tool to set them apart in the eyes of customers and stakeholders.

ESG Passport
Your benefits with the ESG Passport include:
  • Distinguish yourself as a sustainability pioneer to your customers
  • Ensure access to (public) tenders
  • Ensure access to public and private funding
  • Improve employer branding to attract talents and employees
  • Improve your reputation and brand value


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The Sustainability Code is Europe’s leading ESG reporting standard for medium-sized companies.
Find out more about the TSC database and the advantages of the TSC.

grafik 6 Level Scoring System

Find out how 6-level scoring works and the benefits it offers for assessing the sustainability performance of your company.

grafik ESG passport

Learn about the criteria behind the ESG Passport and how you can qualify.


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