The score4more System

The score4more system combines the data basis of the German Sustainability Code with a 6-level scoring and ESG passport. The score4more system, which is recognized by the DNK, was developed from practical experience based on many years of experience with company assessments at the German Sustainability Award and the N-Kompass method for sustainable business in medium-sized companies as well as numerous sustainability projects for companies. The system is reviewed and further developed in cooperation with universities and companies.


More and more companies in Germany and Europe are using the Sustainability Code for their non-financial reporting. Thus, a valuable database on sustainability performance and best practices in business is growing up under the transparency requirement. The Sustainability Code was developed by the German Federal Government’s Council for Sustainable Development (RNE).

Features and benefits of the DNK:

  • Leading ESG reporting standard in Europe for medium-sized companies
  • Simple, free, time-efficient to implement
  • Suitable for companies of all sizes
  • Focus on key criteria and indicators (SRS/EFFAS)
  • Enables direct comparability between companies
  • Fulfills non-financial regulation e.g. CSR-RUG, NAP
  • Broadly supported by politicians and associations
  • Reporting instrument of the sustainability pioneers in the market
  • Support via guidelines, training partners, mentors
  • More than 30,000 data records in the database

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6-Level Scoring

At the heart of score4more is the 6-level scoring model. It evaluates a company’s sustainability performance based on the information provided in the DNK statement for the 20 criteria as well as 16 EFFAS or 28 SRS performance indicators. All assessment levels are individually defined depending on the criterion and performance indicator. The range extends from inactive to strong sustainability, e.g. 100% climate neutrality. The scoring is based on an 80-page method manual with detailed level descriptions per criterion or indicator and level.

Features and benefits of 6-level scoring:

  • Developed with 20 years of experience and hundreds of company evaluations
  • Recognized by RNE and DNK
  • Used by the German Sustainability Award
  • Scoring by experienced sustainability experts
  • Quality through 4-eye review


The ESG Passport aims to demonstrate assured and high sustainability performance. Companies can receive the Passport if they have performed well in the scoring.

Features and benefits of the ESG Passport:

  • Available for externally audited DNK declarations
  • Scoring of at least “Standard” on all criteria
  • Average scoring across all criteria shown via stars
  • High standard and credibility as a pioneer seal
  • Awarded on an annual basis
  • Licensed for use over a period of 2 years
  • Can be used electronically and in print

In the course of your scoring, we will inform you about the ESG Passport.

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