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Structure your sustainability according to essential topics in an industry-specific and ESRS-ready manner.

The score4more method

Industry-specific, essential, transformation-oriented

Sustainability is industry-specific: key sustainability issues differ depending on the industry. The score4more methodology therefore uses industry-specific sustainability profiles for companies. Get to know the elements of the score4more methodology.

Sustainability comprehensively structured

Transformation Framework

The score4more Transformation Framework structures sustainability into five transformation fields, ten sub-themes and more than 60 criteria. Subtopics are based on the "Subtopics" of the ESRS. The criteria are about measures and solutions that a company has implemented as well as key performance indicators that a company reports. The industry-specific sustainability profiles are generated from the transformation framework.


E1 Climate protection and
climate adaptation


E5 Circular economy
E3 Water


E2 Pollutants
E3 Biodiversity

Value chain

S1 Employees
S2 Supply chain


S3 Communities
S4 End customers
Sustainability designed to be industry-specific.

Industry model

A sector model maps the entire economy from agriculture to services in 20 sectors and 100 industries. The industries are designed so that key sustainability issues are as similar as possible within an industry. The model uses NACE from the EU and industry breakdowns from standards such as the ESRS and the EU Taxonomy.
Sustainability in a nutshell

Sustainability profile

The sustainability profile summarizes a company's most important published sustainability performance on an industry-specific basis. The profile consists of selected fields, subtopics and criteria that are material for an industry. The reporting requirements of the ESRS and criteria such as the area of impact of an industry on a field have an influence.

Advanced Analytics

Further analyses based on the sustainability profile

AI-supported filling of sustainability profile

Today, score4more already uses artificial intelligence and machine learning based on the GPT-4 model, among other things, to prepare and structure sustainability information.

In the future, you will be able to use AI and machine learning directly on the score4more platform, for example, to create your sustainability profile automatically.

Scoring of the own company

Use the 6-step scoring to have your sustainability performance ranked. The scoring shows you at which stage of the transformation you are in important criteria and how you can take the next step. Your industry-specific sustainability profile on score4more serves as the basis.

You can request scoring directly in the score4more app from your sustainability profile and receive a customized quote for a scoring report that includes scores as well as individual feedback for improvement.

Benchmarking - Learning from the best in your industry

You can already use our benchmarking report to get an orientation to the market and sustainability pioneers in your industry. You will see the performance level of the best and learn usable best practices for your own transformation.

In the future, you can benchmark automatically on the platform. Whether within your industry, with companies of similar size or companies in your value chain. Identify performance potential and opportunities for improvement relative to the market. Create lists, favorites and filters. This is ideal for everyone: from newcomers to get orientation in sustainability to sustainability high-flyers to always be at the top.

ESG Passport - The badge for transformation pioneers

Already today you will receive the ESG Passport from us if you have achieved an externally audited report as well as a minimum scoring.

In the future, you will be able to automatically receive the ESG Passport via the score4more platform if you meet the minimum criteria. It is a sophisticated credential that allows you to easily and effectively communicate your ESG or sustainability level to stakeholders - professionals, customers and investors.

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