What is the mission and goal of score4more?

score4more's mission is to make sustainability pioneers strong and successful in the market. Pioneers drive transformation, they break new ground, invest in new technologies and business models and take risks in the process. When true sustainability pioneers succeed in the market, market forces can work for the transformation as a whole. With score4more, we give pioneers and their stakeholders a tool with which they can take the next step in sustainability and credibly present their achievements to stakeholders, investors and customers in order to gain competitive advantages.

How was score4more created?

score4more emerged from the context of the German Sustainability Award. The German Sustainability Award has been honoring pioneers of transformation since 2008, using application questionnaires. With the increasing number of GSC declarations of conformity, the question arose as to what extent companies could also participate in the award directly with their GSC declaration. And this question gave rise to the scoring that was used in the German Sustainability Award as part of the corporate competitions.

Why does score4more use the DNK as a data basis?

Der DNK ist der erfolgversprechendste NH-Reportingstandard für die Breite der europäischen Wirtschaft. Anders als andere Reporting-Standards ist er einfach, vergleichbar, nicht-kommerziell und für die Breite der Wirtschaft von klein bis groß einfach nutzbar.Unlike other reporting standards, it is simple, comparable, non-commercial and easy to use for the breadth of business from small to large.

We do not have a DNK declaration yet, can we use score4more then?

Yes, scoring is also possible if no GSC statement has been published. We then use other existing documents that describe the company's sustainability activities, such as a freely designed sustainability report or a DNK statement in draft form. Contact us for this and we will make you an individual offer.

Who is behind score4more?

score4more is a product of time2sustain GmbH founded by Dr. Matthias Kannegiesser. time2sustain sees itself as a company builder that develops innovative digital product ideas and spins them out in companies to accelerate the transformation towards sustainability. time2sustain works openly and collaboratively in its approach and partners with actors who are also working for the transformation.

How is the quality and independence of the scoring ensured?

score4more is a product of time2sustain GmbH founded by Dr. Matthias Kannegiesser. time2sustain sees itself as a company builder that develops innovative digital product ideas and spins them out in companies in order to accelerate the transformation towards sustainability. time2sustain works in an open and kDue to our many years of evaluation experience for the German Sustainability Award, in which we have independently evaluated hundreds of companies, we can draw on extensive experience and expertise in independent evaluation processes. At the heart of our quality assurance is a detailed methodology and process description that clearly defines criteria for evaluation by analysts, as well as a standardized scoring process with review and 4-eyes principle. With our mindset of driving transformation, we work in the interest of future generations and assess the sustainability performance of companies in an honest, fair and balanced way.ollaborative and partners with stakeholders who are also working for transformation.

How can sustainability performance really be evaluated? Why are key figures not compared directly?

Our experience is that, given the current data situation, a company's sustainability performance can only be meaningfully assessed using basic, strategic rating methodologies. Comparing direct key figures, as is already done by rating agencies, is still in its infancy, as the data basis, calculation methodologies and completeness are not yet standardized and thus comparable. Consequently, ratings for the same company differ greatly between different rating agencies. As long as pure key figures are not yet comparable, strategic rating methodologies help to separate the wheat from the chaff. Here, tiers are defined in such a way that possible data imponderables cannot influence the fundamental strategic classification of the company. This makes level scoring more relevant for top management, since it is not a matter of gradual improvements but of fundamental strategic positioning and corresponding strategic improvement measures.

How does score4more differ from existing ratings and rankings?

score4more is primarily an opportunity tool. Unlike ratings that address the capital market and place an emphasis on risks, score4more focuses on opportunities, best practices, and positive performance development of companies for transformation. And score4more's ESG Passport transforms the company from rated supplier to acting actor. The Passport is intended to be a tool for companies that the company has earned itself through performance and that it can use universally with its stakeholders.

Why do you need an ESG passport?

The need for transparency and assured sustainability performance is growing steadily. Whether from investors, customers, public clients, or stakeholder groups such as employees and stakeholders. A company's own sustainability is becoming a decisive factor, whether in employer branding or for its reputation in the market. However, so far there are only instruments that certify partial aspects of sustainability (e.g. ISO 14001 environmental management or certificates for work and family, Great Place to Work or purchasing-specific issues) or the instruments are proprietary, not inclusive or too expensive or only available for large companies. The ESG Passport is intended to close this gap.