The EU Green Deal and 5 Take-Aways for Mid-Sized Companies


The EU Green Deal is Europe’s “Man on the Moon” moment

This is how European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen phrased it in the launch of the EU Green Deal.

The European Green Deal aims for nothing less than transforming the entire economy from a linear, fossil, consuming into a circular, renewable, regenerating system. Europe’s business model will be newly built on sustainability leadership with high resilience and independence from finite resources. The EU Green Deal is the holistic regulation framework covering bold targets such as -55% CO2 emissions by 2030 and multiple regulation action areas e.g. for Energy, Transport, Circular Economy, Finance or Agriculture.

But what does the EU Green Deal mean practically for Mid-Sized companies? Here are 5 major takeaways:

  1. Preparation: be it CSRD or EU Taxonomy; prepare yourself for new (reporting) requirements upcoming and anticipate what is expected.
  2. Opportunity: the EU Green Deal is mostly an opportunity for Europe and its economy. Mid-sized companies should focus first on new business opportunities in the new system.
  3. Innovation: the new system will be based on new technologies, business models and approaches. Leverage your innovation capabilities to deliver the solutions for the future.
  4. Restructuring: be proactive on business, which will be no longer viable in the new system, and start restructuring.
  5. Support: use the public and private support for the transformation, be it funding programs, R&D grants or industry networks.


We are already in the middle of the transformation. Find out more about the EU Green Deal HERE.