We develop innovative approaches to untap sustainability potentials.

score4more is developed by Berlin-based company time2sustain GmbH. The method is based on long-standing methodological and evaluation experience, among others for the German Sustainability Award and in the context of the N-Kompass method. time2sustain develops innovative methods and approaches that make it easy to uncover sustainability potentials and identify suitable solutions more quickly.

score4more is build by a dedicated team as part of the time2sustain company builder.

Dr. Matthias Kannegiesser


Matthias has 20 years of professional experience as a consultant, entrepreneur and expert in sustainability management. As a consultant, he has carried out projects in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America for companies in the automotive and process industries as well as in the areas of consumer goods, energy, IT and financial services. He was on the founding team of the German Sustainability Award and methodically helped to design the evaluation of the companies and managed it several times. Matthias publishes and researches methods for sustainable business and is among other things architect and author of the N-Kompass method for sustainable business in the N-Kompass network as well as score4more for companies. He is an industrial engineer (Diplom Universität Karlsruhe (TH)), Dr. -Ing. TU Berlin, Universidad de Valencia. During this time he worked for SAP in Silicon Valley and in various internships in Paris and Dallas, Texas. He speaks German, English and Spanish as well as French.

Mischa Burmester

Mischa is a sustainability expert, particularly in the field of sustainability analysis and sustainability assessment, bringing together structured and creative approaches.
He has been working on sustainability and strategies for holistic corporate management for 5 years and combines cross-industry knowledge from aviation, logistics, culture and education. At the same time, he deals intensively with sustainability and the interlinking of management, the environment and stakeholders through topics such as integral organizations and management, business innovation and creativity as well as meaning and culture in the economy.
With a master’s degree in management with a focus on sustainable corporate management, finance and brands, he is always looking for the one perspective that shows new paths, breaks old patterns and creates space for new things.

score4more also works with a pool of independent analysts and partners in the implementation in the market.